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Irish pride – it’s a matter of pride

Dublin’s Gay Pride festivities have been gearing up across the city and there’s only a few more sleeps until the parade.

Pride flagTo kick off the weekend, this year’s Eurovision winner, Conchita Wurst is performing in the George.


Conchita said she’s really looking forward to it. She’s spreading her “message of tolerance, acceptance and respect for people who are different” and is delighted to have Irish support.

The Ireland of today is much more tolerant than it ever has been.

Still some way to go

But, that doesn’t mean things are always harmonious. While Irish society at large has progressed, individuals may have some way to go.

We all have different families and social circles. The reality is that whether or not it’s their business, some people can struggle with others’ sexuality.


Gay pride is about social inclusion for LGBT people in wider society.

Of course this might only be possible once you’re comfortable with your own sexuality.

No matter what background you have, coming out or simply being yourself can sometimes be difficult. In an ideal situation you’d only tell people about your sexuality when you’re ready to.

People you trust

It’s always advisable to talk about something worrying you. But, with something as personal as your sexuality it may be wise to think carefully about who to talk to.

Enjoy being yourself

Whether you’re ready for the pride parade or just getting used to your own sexuality, try and enjoy being you.

Being OK with your sexuality or any aspect of who you are goes a long way to helping you enjoy the kind of life you deserve.

For information on LGBT support and information check out BeLonG To.



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