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6 tips to help stop stressing about the week ahead

pencils, pens and notebooksCadbury may have cashed in on that Friday feeling, but, it’s no surprise there’s little mention of that Sunday feeling. The fear. 

The familiar knot of anxiety at the end of the weekend is something people suffer the world over. Although it’s hard to totally get rid of, there are ways to manage that particular stress.

1. Do homework/study early

This is a big one and goes for everything you need to get done.

We all know the truly satisfying feeling of getting work done and having the rest of the weekend free to relax. So why don’t we do it more often?

2. Plan ahead

The last thing anyone wants to do on a Sunday is think about Monday morning.

But, planning what needs to be done might be all it takes to reduce anxiety. It can also help to make a list. That way you can cross off what’s done and help manage what’s not.

3. Get moving

Exercise – that old chestnut!

Kicking a ball about, going for a walk – whatever it is, physical activity really can make you feel better. Besides releasing endorphins, it can take your mind off things, put them into perspective and improve your sleep.

4. Try to be objective

Often our worries aren’t in direct proportion to our problems. Have a think about what’s worrying you and consider whether it’s really as bad as all that.

Engaging yourself in a little positive self-talk can be great for taking away some anxiety. It’s a skill most of us need to learn, but, it can be an invaluable one.

5. Relax

Sure, you might ask – what else have I done all weekend?

But, socialising and getting out and about with mates is completely different to taking it easy for a while or using a routine to unwind and think about the week ahead.

6. Talk

Whether your stress is because you’re organised or a more serious issue, talking about it can make a huge difference.

Friends and family are often a good place to start, but, if you prefer to talk to someone outside the situation, there’s lots of help available online or by phone.

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