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World Cup 2014 – good for your mental health?

Are you desperately trying to work out which pubs are not going to be dominated by giant screens over the next few weeks? Or working out where you can reserve the best seat?

World Cup 2014 logoWorld Cup 2014 is here. Not without its fanfare, or controversy.

Can’t avoid 

Even if you’re not a football fan, the World Cup is hard to ignore. There’s one thing being the only person in the office who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones, but this is something else.

This soccer talk starts to sink in.

While there’s so much politics around it that makes for interesting discussion, there’s a lot about football, as a game, that is good for your mental health.

Making small talk

Firstly, it’s something that everyone’s experiencing at the same time and can make an attempt at talking about.

Bad at small talk? Normally a bit socially awkward? Well here’s your chance to turn that around. Brush up on who the favourites are, who’s in what table and catch a few headlines and there you go.

This is not pretending to be someone you’re not, but giving you fodder for chat in the shop, at the water cooler, or at the bar and meeting new people.

Or for a conversation starter, be vocal about how much it disinterests you. You’re actually not alone, despite what it feels like this morning. It’s not the same as every Tuesday, with Game of Thrones talk, let me tell you.

Go outside

Secondly, get off the sofa and play it every now and then. It’s great fun. Offside rule? Ppppffff, who cares? Getting fresh air and running about really lifts your mood, no doubt about it.

Part of a team

Or, (thirdly) you could take it slightly more seriously and join a team or club. Playing soccer, weekly as part of a team is what many people swear by as a way to deal with stress, clear their head or just not have to think about everything else they’ve going on.

Getting regular exercise, being a part of something and feeling connected are all known ways to increase your sense of well-being.

Showing support

Then of course there’s support. Giving it, feeling it, knowing it’s there. Just not for England, right?


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