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Countdown to the Leaving Cert

OK, only a week left until the Leaving Cert. It sounds ridiculous, but try not to freak out. However prepared you are (or not), all hope isn’t lost.

Hand holding a pen doing an examDon’t panic!

Try, try, try, not to let exam stress get the better of you. Adrenaline can help you focus, but too much can stop you getting anything done.

Be realistic

You’re not going to be able to cover everything before next week. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare at all.

Figure out how much revision you’ll realistically get done and create a plan.

Be strategic

Work out what your weakest and strongest areas are.

Obviously you’ll need to put effort into making sure weaker areas don’t drag you down. But, don’t forget to brush up on places where you can maximize on points.

Accept help

If you’ve got a friend or family member who’s in a position to help – take them up on it. Even ask them, you can repay them another time.

Offer help

If you’re not doing the Leaving Cert, is there some way you can help someone who is?

Can you help them study more effectively? Or help with things like cooking dinner or keeping the house calm, giving them space. Even making a cup of tea can make all the difference to how they’re feeling. 


Don’t put your feet up and slack off. But, do take breaks and make time to exercise and eat right.

The Leaving Cert can be an endurance test, both physically and mentally. Taking care of yourself will make the whole experience more manageable.

Look past the exams

Yes, it’s important. Yes, it’s a long time coming. Yes, there are loads of expectations attached to it. But, whatever happens, the Leaving Cert isn’t the end of the world.

Very shortly, it will all be over. Try to see past the exams. This can help alleviate some of the anxiety around it.

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