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We’re going on a job hunt

Exams are over, or soon will be. You’d think there’d be time to rest. But, most of us with the summer stretching out ahead will need to be getting a job. 

Sign in a window looking for staffIt’s no secret that finding a job isn’t necessarily an easy task. We’ve put together a few tips to make the job hunt less daunting.

No time like today

Whether you’re a graduate, or just looking for a summer job, there’s no time to waste. It stands to reason the sooner you start looking, the sooner you’re likely to find work.


It can seem that jobs often go to people who are already known to the employer.

Don’t let this be your disadvantage. Chances are you know more people than you think. Make a list of all your friends and acquaintances and don’t be afraid of putting the word out that you’re looking for work.


Which of course is why LinkedIn exists. Now might be the time to spring-clean your social media presence, with a #jobnominations in mind.

Be specific, but not narrow

Spend time working out what you’re looking for, but be flexible enough that you’re not ruling out possible job options.

It’s important to be focused as this will save you time and energy. But, you don’t want to closed to opportunity.

Make your CV relevant

There’s loads of advice available online on writing a CV. One point to note is that your CV should be relevant to each application. It should reflect what an employer is looking for. If it doesn’t, it’s likely to be ignored for one that does.

Not that it should be falsified, but try to place emphasis on what a particular employer or industry might deem important.

Get help

Whether it’s with your CV, interviewing skills or putting together an appropriate set of clothes for the interview, a second pair of eyes can’t hurt.

If possible try to ask someone with more experience, or who has particular or relevant skills. Maybe an older sibling, a parent or even your guidance counsellor or student welfare officer?

Don’t give up

Finding work can be a gruelling task. Researching, re-writing your CV/cover-letter and often never hearing back can all feel soul destroying.

But, remember, most people have been there and you’re certainly not alone. The trick is not to take it personally. Try not get disheartened and keep up the positive self-talk.

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