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It’s National Volunteering Week

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We have the cause. You have the effect.

This week is National Volunteering Week. If you ever thought it might be nice to help out or give back, well this is the week to do it!

Giving and receiving

It’s well known that volunteering gives us the ‘feel good’ factor. Giving up time to do something for others gives us a huge sense of satisfaction and can boost our self-esteem.

It can also be a chance to meet new people with similar interests, develop new skills and try something different.

We might not have much money to donate to charities, but we can still give our time.

Even if you’re busy

We know you might be studying for exams right now, but if you feel like taking a break from the books, you could check out what events are on for Volunteering Week.

Whatever age you are and whatever interests you have, there are volunteering opportunities.

How about us?!

If you like what we do here at, and would like to learn more about volunteering with us, have a look at our Get Involved page.

Thank you!

Because it’s Volunteering Week, we would like to say a huge thank you to all our current volunteers and to everyone who has kindly fundraised for us, or donated their time in any way – you are all wonderful!

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