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Featuring X – Tough times

Featuring X

When we met Featuring X, they told us how they get through tough times. It’s clear that there’s no one size that fits all for looking after our mental health. The girls each tell us what works for them, and it’s different for all.

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Featuring X – Tough times transcript

Eleanor: I get frustrated…well no, I kind of get stressed with silly things and worry a bit about some stuff which I should not be worried about. I have kind of learned to think…what’s the phrase? Whatever will be will be is it?

Niamh: (singing) Whatever will be will be…

Eleanor: Yeah that’s it, yeah. I just kind of, you know, think you need to think of the bigger picture. Just….I don’t know.

Jenny: I would just go for a run or something. And I love my animals so I just pet my cats. No I’m actually serious!

You know, with people there’s pressure to be a certain way and to act a certain way. But when you’re with your animals you can just sit….like there’s no judgment or anything. It just nice being with them and that.

Sarah: I don’t know, like say I’m in a tough situation and I’m freaking out about it. I’ll kind of take a step back and think about it. Break it down.



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