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The art of not procrastinating

Pens and notebooks on a desk.The beginning of summer is fast approaching and with it, unfortunately, often comes exams. Whatever you’re getting ready for college exams, the Leaving Cert or Junior Cert, it probably feels like it’s been going on forever.

Coronation Street: now’s not the time!

Exam time brings panic, relief it’s nearly over, or despair at the never-ending process. It can be appealing to shove the books aside and stick on Corrie.

Which is fine if watching a bit of telly is just your study break. But if that’s all you’re doing, maybe it’s time think about the books again?


We’ve all been there and it’s a universal truth that procrastination only feels good for a short while.

It nearly always feels better, short-term and longer term to try to make yourself get on with it. Whatever ‘it’ may be at that time.

Break it up

If the volume of work just seems too overwhelming, the best thing is to break it up into smaller chunks.

Decide which bits are more important and focus on them. Then break them down into smaller more manageable amounts of work, to be done daily.

Listen to Nike

No, don’t run out and buy trainers (unless you need to), rather – Just Do It!

Starting something, especially last minute or neglected study is not easy. But, just beginning will make a big difference to your anxiety levels.

Some is better than none

Don’t focus on what you have or haven’t done. Focus on what you’re doing.

Your goal

Have rewards for completing the smaller tasks. Maybe it is watching Corrie after all, but notice how much more enjoyable it is when you’re not doing it as an act of avoidance. 

Working towards smaller goals can be an effective way to manage exam stress.



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