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Easter – not a cross to bear

Model chick in front of cake and mini easter eggsTime off, chocolate eggs and brighter evenings – what’s not to love about Easter? Sure it’s always fun, but somehow it feels like more of an event this year.


It could be the sunnier weather, or the fact that Easter is so late this year and we all needed the break, but there’s definitely a festive feeling in the air.

Less stress

Unlike other holidays (let’s not mention the one with the large man in a red suit), for most of us Easter doesn’t come with the same expectations, pressure or stress.

Most people seem to genuinely just enjoy having some time off to spend with family and friends. There may be some tasty food and our own body weight in chocolate, but there isn’t the same sense of panic.

Happy to relax

It does feel easier to relax at this time of year, which is great because it’s something many of us have a problem with much of the time.

Feelings of guilt that we should be doing something ‘more important’ often come with trying to take it easy. But, the more we have to do, the more important it is that we spend time relaxing. It’s crucial for minding our mental health.

Time for you

It doesn’t really matter what you do, it could be exercise, socialising, playing video games – whatever. What’s important is that it’s something that allows you to switch off from daily worries and anxiety.

Home time

As well as time for yourself, it can be good to make the effort to spend time with family, old friends, or even your old dog – when did it last get some TLC?

Chats, tea, walks – there’s something very nourishing and grounding about time spent with things that are comforting and familiar.

Spring start

Besides, we’ve got the rest of the year to run around doing new or exciting stuff. Why not let this spring be a new trend in spending more time taking care of yourself?



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