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Spider-Man: why can’t we get enough?

The amazing Spider-Man 2 posterThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out this week. Whether you’re a fan or not, everybody loves a good comic-book movie.

Maybe it’s the action, costumes, mutants or even the love story. Or maybe it’s that despite flying, fighting and generally having more exciting lives than the rest of us, they’re actually not that different.

Superheroes struggle too

If there’s one thing superheroes have in common with with us mortal (and non-fiction) people, it’s that they too struggle with themselves from time-to-time.

One of Peter Parker’s biggest problems is his internal struggle with having the responsibilities of being Spider-Man while also trying to get on with his own life.

Balancing act

In a way we all know the kind of inner-turmoil he has to face.

The responsibilities we feel from society, school, families and even ourselves are not necessarily the things we’d take on board if given the choice. But, they’ve got to be managed all the same.

Whether it’s being a good friend, helping at home, school, work or exams – we all have different roles to play while trying to be true to ourselves.

Learning to listen to yourself

Having said that, it’s all very well that everybody we see tells us to be true to ourself, but, what if we’re not sure who that self is?

It’s not always easy to know who you are or what you stand for, so here are a few tips for all of us to practice:

  • try new things and explore potential interests
  • be open to different ideas or ways of viewing the world, you don’t have to agree, but, at least consider them
  • be mindful of the moment, tune in to what feels right for you
  • don’t take yourself too seriously, few things are so bad that there isn’t room for levity
  • keep a journal – regularly looking at your life can make it easier to tune into the real you.

Nothing is forever

Just because you think of yourself a certain way or try something out, doesn’t mean you have to associate yourself with that always.

Also, it may take time for you or others to adjust to something, but, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible or worthwhile.

Not a superhero, but a hero nonetheless

Maybe we’ll never have the excitement, adventures or fame of Spider-Man. That doesn’t mean we can’t reinvent ourselves and be the hero of our own life.

The key to getting on in life your way, is learning to manage your mental health. It can help us build our self-esteem and hopefully point us in the direction we need to go.


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