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The remains of the cake

People selecting pieces of cake lined up on a table at the Macquarie bake-off in aid of ReachOut.comSome of us here at were fortunate enough to get to vote at the Macquarie Ireland bake-off this morning.

The great Macquarie bake-off

Rather than the usual digestive or scone, Maquarie’s staff decided they’d rather something a bit more interesting with their morning coffee.

Cake was suggested and the prospect of a baking competition put forward.

Taste test

As they’re generous folk, they turned it into a fundraiser for The money raised by participants and cake-eaters will be generously matched by Macquarie.

Did I mention we were invited to eat the cake too?! Chocolate and raspberry tart, hazelnut meringue cake and lemon-drizzle cake. Nom nom.

No bun fights

In the interest of impartiality, the team members oversaw the ballot-counting process.

The overall winner was a divine carrot-cake, followed closely by summer fruit cake and cheese cake (you can’t beat a bit of cheese cake).

Didn’t need a cherry on top

After today we may need to get out for a bit of extra exercise, but it’s a small price to pay.

Supporting youth mental health and raising money can be done in many different ways, in the workplace or community. If baking’s not your thing but you’d like to help raise some much needed funds for, get in touch to find out about the different ways you can help.



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