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Containing ourselves for the return of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones - the Iron ThroneWith the (some would say disappointing) ending of How I Met Your Mother one week and the anticipation of Game of Thrones returning next week, emotions are all over the place. I’m caught somewhere between laughing and crying and am totally exhausted.

While the loss of a TV show or the anticipation of a new season can sound trivial, to a fan the stress is all too real.

How I Met Your Mother

We’re not in the habit of issuing spoilers, so I won’t go into details. But, whether you loved the finale or hated it and feel let down by the whole series, it will leave a hole in some people’s lives.

As causes of anxiety go it’s not going make me break out in hives – I hope! But, it still needs to be dealt with.

And father…

Perhaps knowing we’d be left wanting more and to ease our sense of panic, the makers of How I Met Your Mother are planning a spin-off series – How I Met Your Dad. But, it won’t necessarily bring us back Ted and the gang.


While we make up our minds on that one we’ll have to find other ways to occupy our thoughts and conversations. Thankfully the wait is a short one.

Game of Thrones season 4

Finally, winter is nearly here. We’ve been watching the teaser trailers all (ahem) winter long. We’ve basically learned nothing new, but have built up levels of excitement and anticipation that is surely delighting the TV execs involved.

It has been a long, long wait – thanks HBO. But, this weekend we can get back to hating Joffrey, loving Tyrion and trying to remember the names of everyone else while somehow still following the plot-lines.

Learning from TV

Managing our emotions and mental health is a continual learning-curve. Having to deal with feelings that arise due to our TV enthusiasms can be a good way of practising.

Whether it’s looking at loss, containing excitement, disappointment, or managing expectations, things like mindfulness can take the edge off what we’re going through.

Living real life

Yes, the point of good TV is escapism, it should distract you for a while. But, from the behaviour of some people online, you’d start to think that maybe it’s time we got a grip.

It doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy getting swept up in a good show, sure that’s what it’s for. But, by managing our mental health it can make it easier to focus on our own life at the same time.




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