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Fair City’s Rachel Brennan bullied

It’s been a miserable place in recent weeks for teenager Rachel Brennan, in Fair City. Fair city

Viewers have seen Rachel’s school life become a misery at the hands of fellow student, Amanda Ryan.

Amanda has been responsible for a range of humiliating, intimidating and physically bullying. Leaving Rachel struggling to know how to handle the increasingly damaging behaviour.

In real life

Actress Jasmine Brady who plays Amanda (Rachel’s tormentor) has recently spoken out about her own experience. Jasmine recalls being picked on for her naturally red hair and how upsetting these comments could be.

After leaving primary school Jasmine made the decision to go into secondary school with a new attitude, “I decided I wasn’t going to be a push over, I was going to stand up for myself”.

Not alone

Many of us like Rachel have experienced some kind of bullying. Rachel’s bullies subjected her to physical and serious mental abuse. But Jasmine’s real life experience shows  bullying doesn’t always have to be physical to have long term affects on our self esteem.

Being bullied in school can be especially difficult, it can make spending time with your tormentor unavoidable, making every school day miserable.

Getting help

If anyone’s making you feel bad about yourself in away way it’s important to let someone know. Feeling isolated and trapped in a situation is incredibly lonely. However, sharing how you’re feeling can help you feel supported and relive some of the stress.

Talking helps

Telling someone about bullying doesn’t always  mean it will immediately stop so it’s important to keep on telling someone what’s going on until the situation is resolved. No one has the right to make you feel bad about yourself and stop you from feeling comfortable about going somewhere.

Staying in control

Being bullied can leave you feeling like you have no control over a situation and have no power to control. Like Jasmine, reminding yourself that you don’t need to put up with bullying of any kind can help you feel more confident about taking steps to resolve the situation.

Extra support

If you don’t feel comfortable about talking things over with a teacher or family member, there are plenty of support services that offer confidential support and advice. No one should have to go through bullying of any level alone. 

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