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A chance to learn from Wes Anderson

Directed by Wes AndersonThe Grand Budapest Hotel is in the cinemas at the moment. You might not have seen it yet, so we’ll not to spoil it for you: let’s just say the auteur is on form.

Wes Anderson’s work is a bit like Marmite. But, whether you love him or hate him there can be something to learn from his unique way of looking at the world.

All in the moment

Attention to detail is one of Anderson’s most dominant traits. It can be all too easy to get obsessed with the big picture and forget to focus on the now.

His characters live so much in the present they could give us all a lesson in taking a step back and being mindful.

Beauty in the small things

One of the best things about his films are the little details that hold your attention. A flower, a sunset, some bird watching goggles, a car; we learn there’s something to appreciate in almost all things.

His films are all about taking time out to notice the wonderful things around us all of the time. This is especially refreshing as we’re often too busy and caught up in our thoughts to notice.

We’re all weird

Everyone in an Anderson films is strange in their own way. We learn that no-one is ‘normal’.

He allows his characters to be who they are – whether they want to dress like a tennis player 24/7 or bring binoculars everywhere they go.

It’s something to take on board: you’ll always find someone who appreciates you for who you are. Even if you are a hipster.


No matter how different people are we can all learn to get along. We don’t necessarily have to understand someone to accept them.

It’s possible to find something good in practically everyone and trying to support each other can go a long way to building friendships and living in a more pleasant society.

Bring adventure to your life

No matter who you are or where you live, it’s worth taking the time to explore life a little. Relax and have fun – you don’t know where life can lead you.

At the very least it can help to boost confidence and self-esteem.

Not a fan?

It doesn’t matter if you’re not about to rush out to see Anderson’s latest movie, the principles above can still help us enjoy life a bit more.

We might not end up on fantastical adventures, but we might have learnt a thing or two about minding our mental health. Which is not so bad, is it?



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