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Good for Example

Rapper - Example on stageExample has spoken about his use of drugs and alcohol and the effect it had on his personal life. He said he was a “complete mess” and now he values a healthier lifestyle.

Example had always spoken openly about taking drugs and drinking beer before performances. He’d stated in the past that it was good for musicians, saying it made music better.

Changing his tune

He’s changed the way he lives and has been open about it. In a recent interview he said he’d been a “complete mess”.

He says he’d been more bothered about getting totally trashed each night than working on making his music successful. But he’s glad it’s now all out of his system.

Won’t go quietly

With plenty of miles (and hits) under his belt, he knows a thing or two about music, or at least what people enjoy. But his new approach to life hasn’t impacted his music. If anything he’s moving from strength to strength.

A better Example

Whereas in the past his choices had helped to break down relationships with girlfriends, he’s now happily married to the Australian model Erin McNaught.

He stressed the importance for him of exercise – training and running, getting sleep and following a healthy diet. Otherwise, he says, “I wouldn’t be able to do 150 gigs a year all around the world.”

Live life living

“I’m quite happy I’m not a drug addict. I’m married and focused.” he said, “I’ve changed a lot.” Although he’s always been productive and successful, he’s sure this new take on life is a positive one.

Following Example 

Maybe you’re not jet-setting around the world, playing in front of millions of people, but we all have lives to live with commitments and stress

Doing things like having a drink or two can seem helpful in dealing with problems, but it’s not really a good long-term strategy. We could do worse than take a leaf out of Example’s book to try and help us stay healthy and focused on our goals and life. 


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