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No need to be green this Paddy’s day

Shamrock Green-hatted Americans and gangs of Spaniards have been roaming the country for days. St. Patrick’s weekend, as if you hadn’t noticed, is upon us.

Feelings of nostalgia and national pride suspend our usual cynicism towards this fair isle we, and tens of millions, call home.


Every family and group of friends have their own Paddy’s day traditions. Whether this involves parades or pubs, everyone has their own way of celebrating.

Left out

Festivities like this are often the time when we want to be with our nearest and dearest. Reminiscing, celebrating and enjoying the general merriment in the atmosphere.

But, these past couple of years have seen many of us being separated from family members and friends with many people moving overseas. Work, sun or whatever the reason, we all know somebody who has moved away.

Whether you’re down-under and everyone you know is back home, or all your mates have gone and you’re left behind, Paddy’s day is a time when we miss having the gang together.

Missing friends

You may not have the luxury of hopping on a plane for the weekend to catch up, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel totally isolated.

Use things like Skype to keep in touch. It can sometimes take a bit of effort to coordinate or think about, but it’s worth it.

You may feel like you’re the only one not having the craic and you’re out of the loop, but they might feel the same and appreciate the contact.

Still be sociable

It can be really hard if you’re the one feeling left behind and all your friends are off having adventures while you’re stuck at home. Even if you hate the sunshine it can still be lonely with so many friends far away.

It’s easy to keep in touch these days, but having to change traditions can be hard. It’s important you stay connected wit your friends and plan regular catch-ups.

Getting out there and meeting new people is also important. It may not be the same as before but it’s good to make some new memories to compliment the old.


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