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Time to quit stalking

It’s late, you’re bored, you’re on Facebook…if we’re honest most of us have used our profile to take a quick look at what people are up to.

Using Facebook to check out a friend’s new boyfriend or go through photos of a night out is the fun of social media.

'Stop' road signBut, having such intimate access to other people’s lives can have its down-sides too.

Sometimes, seeing everyone else having so much fun can make us feel a bit crap about our own life.

Facebook after a break-up

It’s tempting after a break-up to want to know what your ex is up to.

Re-adjusting to being on your own after being so involved in someone’s life and then having minimal or no contact with them can be really difficult.

Following what an ex does on social media can seem to hard to resist. But, it can backfire. Seeing evidence of them having fun while you’re still hurt can be incredibly painful.

Bad habit

Constantly checking up on what someone’s doing, who they’ve been with or where they’ve been can become addictive. Even if it makes us feel worse it can be incredibly hard to stop doing it.

It’s natural to miss someone after a break-up, but spending too much time monitoring what they’re up to can fool you into thinking you miss them more then you do.

The social media lie

It’s easy to forget someone’s Facebook post is not always a fair representation of their life or how they’re feeling. This is true for everyone on social media, not just people we don’t see any-more.

Images only show one-side

The pictures people share are usually parts of their life they want others to see. It’s easy to appear happy on a night out or look good in a photo you’ve chosen to pose for. However, there are huge parts of our day-to-day life we never put online.

Social media can characterize people you know well into someone that doesn’t really exist. Seeing someone’s life through Facebook can make you forget who they really are and paint them as something they’re not.

Get out while you can!

Try to limit the amount of time you spend on Facebook each day. Going out and enjoying being with friends or doing activities you enjoy can boost your mood and self-esteem.

Spending too much time alone in front of a laptop can leave anyone feeling isolated. The more time you devote to enjoying your own life the less important social media will become.

Time to remove them

Make a conscious effort to remove an ex or people you don’t really know any-more from your Facebook feed. It might seem extreme but can eliminate the temptation to waste your time stalking.

Not all bad

Facebook can be great for keeping in touch with friends, sharing photos and organising your social life.

Try and use it as a way of enhancing the friendships that are important in your everyday life rather than to keep tabs on people who are longer  important.



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