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Hopes of Brian O’Driscoll retiring on a high

Brian O'Driscoll After 15 years of playing Rugby for Ireland, Brian O’Driscoll is retiring this season. His last home game was on Saturday and true to form he, and the rest of the team did Ireland proud.

Widely regarded as our best ever player, he’s had a career worthy of note: not least among his achievements are being the most capped player in rugby union history.


Wrapping up those ‘Thanks be to BOD‘ banners may be hard, but maybe it’s time to make space for up and coming players.

Though it’s sad to say goodbye, it’s often just a part of life and it’s important to move on. It may feel a bit crap and like the end of an era but change is something everyone has to go through. We just have to try and learn to manage it when it comes up from time-to-time.

Ending on a high point

As a nation we have our fingers crossed that he will end his career as it started – with us beating France this weekend in their own territory.

Winning the Six Nations tournament would certainly be an achievement to bow out with. But whatever happens he has our support. Besides, with every door that closes a new one opens: we’re sure this won’t be the last we hear of Brian O’Driscoll.


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