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Overcoming loneliness

Friends, fun and going out. It’s all part of being young and growing up. It’s easy to assume that feeling lonely isn’t something most young people have to worry about.

blue and green abstractSometimes it can look like everyone has loads of friends and are out all the time, posting pictures of the fun they’re having, while you’re at home, hanging out with your dog.

Being lonely and isolated are feelings we can all experience at some stage in our lives.

Everything in moderation

Taking time out to be by yourself can be healthy. We all need space to reflect every now and then, but like anything, moderation is key.

Cutting ourselves off from social situations for long periods of time makes it increasingly difficult to get back out there. We are social creatures after all.

It’s not easy though and meeting new people can make you feel very vulnerable, but staying connected is important for our sense of well-being.

Excuses don’t help

Too much time out when we’re feeling down or alone can make it seem easy to find excuses not to see people. However, spending long periods on your own can leave you feeling even more alone and anxious.

Sharing an issue that’s been bothering you with someone can help give some perspective, or just let you blow off a bit of steam.


Loneliness can be an overwhelming emotion. Feeling like you can’t face the world can lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices that end up leaving you feeling more depressed.

Not getting outside to exercise or falling into unhealthy eating patterns can lower your self-esteem and make you feel less like socialising.

Staying active

If big social situations seem too daunting, or are not your thing, arrange to see a close friend or family member. Going to the cinema, or for a walk or coffee are ways to stay connected.

Do remember that everyone feels alone at some point in their life, regardless of how many friends or family members they have. Even though it can seem easier for others, we all need to work at staying active and social. 

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