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Valentine’s day needn’t bring the blues

14 February is a date many of us singletons dread. Just as you’re shaking off the January blues, a global romance explosion seems to go off. Everything seems to be pink, fluffy and come with a side of hearts.

heartsValentine’s day can leave many of us feeling bad about ourselves for not being in a relationship. Having great friends or doing well at work can suddenly seem unimportant.

Not having that perfect valentine’s date can make us forget there are many great things about being single.

Free to be yourself

Being single allows a freedom you don’t always get when you’re in a relationship. Instead of having to negotiate your time around somebody else you’re:

  • free to fill your time doing all the things you enjoy doing
  • able to focus on studying or your career, which can lead to personal achievements
  • more time to set yourself a goal or take up a new hobby
  • in a position to enjoy meeting new people without committing to a relationship

Plenty of time to meet someone

Being single doesn’t mean you can’t go on dates or enjoy meeting new people. You can take advantage of socialising to gett a clearer idea of what kind of person you might eventually want to be in a relationship with.

But don’t let all nights out become about meeting the right person. Enjoy being with friends and having fun.

Don’t rush in

Try to avoid falling into the trap of being with someone just because you feel like you should be in a relationship.

Not wanting to be alone can cloud our better judgement and leave us settling for relationships that makes us unhappy. Just one bad relationship can damage self-esteem and be extremely difficult to recover from.

Love yourself

Being single gives you the space to explore who you are as person. Learning to love yourself can be hard and for many people it doesn’t come easily.

Confidence is an extremely attractive quality. Knowing and being content with who you are is a great mentality to take into all aspect of your life. Often potential dates come along when we stop focusing all our efforts on finding them.

Embrace life

Try not to look at yourself as being ‘single’. Focus your energy on things you enjoy and people who make you feel good, rather then on trying to find a relationship.

See any potential partner as an extension of your happiness, something you can share, rather than someone to complete you.

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