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Make a resolution to be kind to yourself

It’s New Year’s resolution time and for many this means making some changes.

goals1Most of us know what we should be doing to stay healthy and happy. The new year can be a good motivator to change a bad habit or take up a good one.

But, it can all get a bit overwhelming too. Especially if you’re feeling down.

Huge aspirational lists of what we “should” be doing can become ticklists for making us feel bad.

You can’t be perfect

It’s important to keep that “it’s new year and anything’s possible” energy reigned and not put massive expectations on yourself.

You cannot go from couch potato to marathon runner in one week and so make sure you’re not setting yourself up to fail.

You need to make realistic goals, managing your own expectations when thinking what these are. Plan days off. Indulging yourself from time-to-time should be part of the plan too.

Don’t beat yourself up

No matter how realistic your plan, you’re still going to fall off the bandwagon at some stage. We’ve all been there, one chocolate biscuit and that’s it. Binge for the day and then the guilt sets in.

Allow yourself to be human. If you beat yourself up about it, it will only make achieving goal that much harder.

Staying mindful

When you wake up in the morning listen to yourself, body and mind. Think about your needs for that day. Give yourself a chance to be in the moment and not think about what’s next.

What works for one person may not work for another so learn to trust yourself, taking all the messages about turning over a new leaf with a pinch of salt.

Maybe a duvet day is just what you need to relax or maybe you need to put the chores on the long finger and go for a run?

Structure can be good but you can’t do everything. Listening to your needs and being a bit nicer to yourself could be the best resolution to keep.