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Coping with cabin fever

View out a window through a blindNow the build-up and excitement is over and Christmas day has come and gone it’s easy to feel deflated. You’ve already eaten a corner-shop’s worth of chocolate, there’s nothing on TV and it feels like the whole family is on top of you.

We’ve all been there

Being stuck at home can make that slump just before New Year even more unbearable. If you’re friends are all busy, the weather’s bad, or if you live miles away from everyone, these few days can stretch on forever.

Supposed to be a break

It’s ironic that we often look forward all year to Christmas time and then once we’re in the middle of it we can’t wait to get back into a routine. It could just be that we’re creatures of habit, we like goals and to feel like we’re moving ‘forward’, but it could also just be that we need a bit more space.

Once a year

Try to keep in mind that it’s only really for a few days each winter. Yes it might feel too much right now, but try and be mindful of the moment. Just trying to get on and enjoy it might enable to actually have a good time, in other words fake it ’til you make it.

Family squabbles

It’s totally normal for families to have rows, but knowing that doesn’t make conflict with parents or siblings any more pleasant. However, there are ways to help you get through the festive season without disowning the entire clan:

  • Be patient – most people aren’t intentionally trying to irritate one another, try counting to 10 in your head and see if you still want say what you were about to
  • Talk to them – simply trying to improve communications can often help smooth things over
  • Don’t engage – if someone’s being particularly annoying, calmly distancing yourself and just getting on with what you were doing will often bore them and they’ll find something else to do
  • Take time out – even if you’re stuck in the house you can give yourself time to relax, even just an hour in your room by yourself can take the edge off tensions

Look after yourself

It’s always important to mind your mental health, but particularly when you know you might have a stressful week or two. Even just getting exercise, good quality sleep and eating some fresh nutritious food between all the heavy, sugary meals can help you feel better about things.


Don’t bottle things up. Have a chat with friends or family, it’ll make you feel better. But, if you’d like to chat to someone else, there’s loads of online and telephone support available.

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