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Feeling lonely this Christmas

Christmas time can bring up loads of emotions, some great and some more challenging. One of the hardest things at this time of year is feeling lonely.

Not that loneliness or isolation is ever easy, but at Christmas it often feels worse.

Red candleIt doesn’t help that pretty much all the marketing and media at this time of year is geared towards the idea of big groups of friends or family.

Everybody appears to have loads of people in their circle and if they don’t get on well, they resolve all differences by Christmas eve.

Appearances can be deceptive

Here’s the thing though, nobody knows what anyone else is going through.

Even if other people appear to have great families and a huge social circle, we don’t know the true dynamic or politics they have to deal with.

Bigger isn’t always better

The idea of a large family might sound nice in theory, but even if everyone gets along reasonably well, having a big family at Christmas can be really stressful.

Some people just are from a big family and at times probably wish they were from a smaller one. Even if their stress is self-imposed, it’s still real.

How does this help?

Keeping in mind the concept “the grass is always greener” can go a long way to helping us mind our mental health. It’s not useful to compare ourselves to others, especially not when we’re putting ourselves down in the process.

A new year just around the corner

If you do feel lonely and want to meet new people, you could make it a goal for the new year.

Building friendships takes time and a little work, but it is achievable. You could try out new pass-times or hobbies. Also try online; sites like encourage you to network and make acquaintances with people who have similar interests.

Be yourself

If you do meet new people try to just relax and enjoy their company. Be yourself, but let the friendship evolve naturally.


Everyone feels lonely at some point in their life, but if you feel like it’s really getting you down or affecting your self-esteem there are people you can talk to.

The Samaritans have people for you to talk to about what’s going on. There’s loads of other support, either face-to-face or online and by phone.