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It’s a wonderful life

It's a Wonderful Life It’s a wonderful life, is the held up as the┬áChristmas movie of all time. Having said that, it’s one of those films you can watch year-after-year and thoroughly enjoy.

It tells the story of George Bailey, a man so disillusioned with life he considers taking his own life. In an effort to prevent this, an angel disguised as a man is sent to show George what life for his friends and family would be like if he’d never been born.

We’ve all been there

The themes of dashed dreams, feeling downtrodden and life taking paths you didn’t expect is something most of us can identify with. To one degree or another, we’ve all had low self-esteem and felt that things are against us.

Not trite or religious

Despite the angel and how simplistic the plot sounds, the movie isn’t too light. Neither does it force unwanted ideas or morals on you.

A lesson in mindfulness

It takes you on George’s journey to realising what he does have and the joy he brings to the people around him. Rather than stressing about perceived failures he learns to be mindful of the moment.

Sometimes this can feel next to impossible to do, but most of us have something to be thankful for, and things we’re good at. No matter how small these things are, they’re worth cherishing.

Looking after yourself

It’s not always easy to feel grateful for things, especially if we’re stressed or anxious. But, mindfulness is a habit we can learn and the better we get the more it helps us to mind our mental health.

Learn from George’s mistake

One thing George hadn’t done was open up and talk to his family and friends about what was going on. I’ve been as guilty as anyone of bottling things up, but as hard as it seems at the time, talking really does help.

Talk to a professional

If there’s no-one you feel able to talk to there’s loads of help available online and by telephone. There’s also plenty of face-to-face help out there if you or a friend needs it.


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