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Interesting findings from the 2013 Insights Report

Reading glasses on a deskOur third annual user survey explored attitudes towards mental health, knowledge and preferences around seeking help.

Positive attitudes to mental health

99% reported believing ‘anyone can experience a mental health problem’. This result shows increased openness towards mental health and a growing understanding of the need to look after it.

Online is king

73% listed as the first place they would go if they were going through a tough time. This was in preference to friends, family or a health professional.

Seeking help after hours

70% of our visitors connect with us in the evening or at weekends, indicating they’re more likely to contact online mental health services when they have more time to think and reflect.

The most common issues

Commentary analysis shows depression, anxiety, sex and relationships are the most commonly communicated topics of concern on the site.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge and understanding about help-seeking is linked to personal help-seeking behaviour. The higher a person rated their understanding of how to help a friend, the more likely they are to talk to someone themselves if they’re going through a tough time.
55% reported ‘severe’ levels of psychological distress

Younger respondents, i.e. 12 to 25 year-olds, reported higher levels of psychological distress compared to those over 25 years-old. 

Download the Insights Report 2013  .pdf (1.25MB)

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