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A little gratitude can go a long way

Thank you post-it noteThursday is Thanksgiving. We’re not American, and while we may be saving our turkeys for Christmas there’s no reason not to pause and give thanks for what we have.

Being grateful helps us focus on the positive aspects of life, rather than the negative. It’s the old glass half-full or half-empty scenario.

Positive gratitude

In terms of minding our mental health, gratitude can help us live more in the moment and bring more positivity into our daily life.

We’ve come up with a few tips to make it easier to give thanks and to keep in mind to appreciate what we do have:

  • Keep a journal of thanks – write down all the things you’re grateful for, and maybe even why. It helps you focus on the good things in your life. You might find you have more than you expected.
  • List your strengths – what are you good at? Write down everything, and not just the stuff other people think you’re good at, or want you to be good at. What do you think are your strong points?
  • Wish someone well – try and be positive about others, their achievements, plans and good fortune. It’s very easy to negatively compare ourselves with others, but it’s much nicer to be happy for them.
  • Say thank you – actually acknowledge when someone has done or said something nice or helpful. No matter how small or inconsequential it might feel at the time, we all like to be appreciated. 
  • Offer help – if you know someone is in need, don’t be afraid to volunteer assistance. It’s a nice thing to do, especially as people often won’t ask for help.
  • Take time to connect – make the effort to keep up contact with old friends. We all need support and the best way to keep friends is to show them they’re special to you. 
  • Mindfulness – notice what’s going on right now, this second. Pay attention to the small things around you. You’d be surprised at the amount of enjoyment you can get from the little things. 
  • Compliment someone – it costs nothing, encourages you to notice positive things in other people and will most likely improve their day. Who knows, it’s not the objective, but you might hear something nice in return!

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