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RTÉ and Love/Hate finale leaves us wanting more

Nidge from RTE's Love/HateThe final episode of RTÉ’s Love/Hate was aired last night. Almost 900,000 people tuned in, and countless more are expected to catch up over the next week or so.

Suspense and anxiety

Now the wait is over, what will we do on Sunday nights? Worse still is the anxiety over whether or not there will be another season.

While there are rumours that writing for a new series has started, nothing has yet been confirmed. Which makes the ending of last night’s series harder to bear.


It might not be stressful compared to some things in life, but that doesn’t make the suspension any less real.

What is stress?

This is a feeling we get in relation to some events. It’s our body’s way of preparing to deal with a situation, such as loss, confrontation or anything we perceive as a challenge really.

All things in moderation

A little bit of stress can be OK and can actually help up us prepare for situations. But too much can be a problem for our physical and mental health.

It’s reasonable to be totally stressed out if you’re in acute danger like the dentist Andrew on Love/Hate was. Or even a continual level of ongoing stress for the likes of Nidge could be seen as understandable. But neither situation is good for you.

Helping stress

While it’s difficult to get rid of stress from your life altogether, it can be possible to find ways of managing it.

  • Get moving – exercise is a great way of releasing tension and clearing the mind
  • Talk – chatting with friends and family can help
  • Time out – relaxing is essential to managing stress
  • Breathe – deep breathing and being mindful of the moment can give you perspective
  • Eat well – good nutrition really can make things easier to deal with over time.


It’s important to understand that minding your mental health is a continual task. It’s something we need to chip away at all the time.

All I can say is do your best, and I’ll try to follow my own advice while waiting to see if there’ll be more of Nidge and the gang.


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