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Katy Perry’s new album deals with heartache and repair

Katy PerryKaty Perry’s recent album Prism, follows her divorce from Russell Brand. It was created with a more spiritual, contemplative focus than previous work. Perhaps a reflection of Katy’s having to re-examine life.

It can happen to anyone

Her music describes some of the pain she experienced, but also delves into how she’s come out the other side.

Describing her ordeal and what she had to go through might help others facing similar issues. She might be a globally famous singer, but she’s still human.


Only Katy and Russell can know what happened to cause their relationship problems. Although Most of us can empathise with the kinds of struggles and emotions they must have dealt with.

Relationships always require work at some stage and as every couple is unique, their problems will be also. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but that doesn’t mean there is no solution.

Working it out

Although it doesn’t always feel easy, communication in relationships is really important. Whether it’s a new partner, or someone you’ve been with a while it’s worth trying to improve how you relate to one another.

It won’t necessarily solve everything that’s wrong, but trying to improve communication is a starting point. It can help you begin to work through issues.


Sometimes even good communication can’t save a relationship. But if you do break up it might make the process a little easier to deal with.

It’s nobody’s place to analyse how best to end a relationship except those involved in the split. However there are ways to help make it less traumatic.

Also, if you’re the person doing the breaking-up, there are kinder methods than sending a text message – which is reportedly how Russell ended their marriage.


If you’re not seeing someone, or if you’ve just come through a break-up, remember, being single and happy is possible!

Look at Katy – a new album, and a new relationship. Despite how tough things seem, they can sometimes work out for the best.





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