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5 things you can do for a positive body image

Graffiti of a muscle manYour body image is how you feel about your looks and see yourself. While we all have bad hair days, we need to realise we’re much more valuable than just our looks.

An unhealthy body image is if you think your looks aren’t good enough, or not measuring up to what you think are society’s standards.

There are ways to improve self-esteem and stay positive about your body image though, so we’ve put a few together:

Accept yourself

Learning to accept yourself, warts ‘n’ all, is an important aspect of having a healthy body image. A part of this is not comparing yourself to other people.

Stop comparative thoughts once you realise you’re having them, and don’t beat yourself up for having them. Over time this self-talk will help you accept yourself.

Question media messages

Ask yourself why the images portrayed in the media make you feel bad. As long as you take care of yourself and are healthy you can look good no matter what shape you are.

The uniformly tall, thin models we see in the media are not representative of the population – or of healthy, happy people either.

Stop buying magazines

If what you’re reading or watching is full of these unrealistic models and actors, and it’s making you feel bad about yourself, why not stop reading them? Life can be tough enough without being told we’re not good enough.

Besides, those images we see have probably all been Photoshopped. Just watch this video to see an example of how far removed from reality many of the pictures are.

Appreciate and embrace your difference

How boring would it be if everyone was the same? Try and embrace your differences, you might find it’s these qualities that people like about you, and not any sameness.

Appreciating what you have will help you embrace and enjoy your differences. Maybe try listing all the positive things about yourself. We’re all able to list off what we think is wrong, why not flip that over and focus on the good?

Find your own style

Try wearing what you want, not what’s in fashion. Finding clothes that look good on you, for your body shape and complexion will help with self-confidence.

Feeling comfortable in what you wear, will help you project your own style. This doesn’t mean you have to wear outrageously different clothes (though you can if you want), it’s just learning to suit yourself rather than other people.

Think about people you admire, chances are there’s a certain confidence you find attractive. That often comes from feeling comfortable in your own skin, or in this case their own clothes.

Why not have some fun – take a leaf out of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis‘ book and visit the thrift shop. OK, it is Ireland, so maybe the charity shop  – but you get the point.


If you find that your appearance is causing you stress maybe talk to someone you know or even someone outside of the situation about how you feel.

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