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John Murray returns to RTÉ

RTE radio presenter John MurrayPresenter John Murray returned to the airwaves today, after six months away dealing with depression.

Personal experience

“Depression took a fancy to me and decided to take up residence for a few months, and boy did it make its presence felt,” he said.

Although he’s now able to describe it with a little humour, his experience was a struggle. Mornings were especially tough, when “the day ahead became something to endure rather than enjoy”.

Don’t beat yourself up

He didn’t specifically offer advice, as this was what happened to him, and other people might have different experiences. But he did say that if you’re experiencing depression or anxiety, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself.

Reach out and talk

“You haven’t failed a life test. Share your thoughts and feelings with others,” was his advice, “don’t suffer in silence”.

If you feel you can, then friends and family can be good to talk to. But there’s also plenty of face-to-face help, and online and telephone support available.

Support your mate

John thanked listeners, his wife, family and friends for their support and love. Their concern made things a little easier for him.

If you think someone’s experiencing depression, don’t be afraid to offer help. Even if they don’t respond straight away, they’ll probably appreciate that you’re thinking of them, “I know I did” John said.

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