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Conor Cusack discusses his depression

Conor Cusack (1)Last Monday, 28 October, the Cork hurler Conor Cusack wrote a blog about his experience of depression.

He described how it felt for him, how it enveloped his life for a while, and how he was eventually able to manage it. In an interview on RTE’s Prime Time on Tuesday night, he further discussed his battle, the different methods of treatment he tried and what eventually worked for him.

Can happen to anyone

To many it seems that people like Conor have it all – sporting skill and success, recognition, indeed fame as a family. But no matter who you are, and what it looks like you’re achieving, beneath the surface things may not be so perfect.


Conor’s message is that depression and mental health problems can affect us all. He says that reaching out is not weak. Strength is taking that first step to talk to someone.

Different options

He also discussed different treatments and ways of managing mental health problems. Some methods didn’t suit him, but he eventually found treatment that helped him work through his depression. What worked for him might not work for someone else. But it’s worth trying, until you find what does work.

Not alone

He stressed that it’s important for friends and family to stay supportive. Even if it seems as if someone experiencing a tough time is not very open to your support – deep inside it matters.

Conor’s message

Experiencing depression can be incredibly hard but if there is one thing that we can learn from Conor’s experience is that you can get through tough times. He says taking action and seeking help is the key. He asks people to remember that you are never alone and the great thing is that there is fantastic help out there. Conor believes that if he can then anyone can get through a tough time.

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