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Clock faceThe clocks turned back an hour last Sunday. For some this heralds gloom with darker evenings upon us. But in the short-term at least, think of what we gained – a whole extra hour!

An hour

Maybe you slept a while longer, but still had the whole day. Or if you were fortunate enough to have good weather, perhaps you went out for the afternoon and got more time to hang out than usual.

A day and a week

On top of the hour, we got a bank holiday, and for some, it’s half term! Whatever extra time you got – I hope you managed to enjoy it.

Focus on the positive

The clocks turning back – like many things in life – can be seen in either a positive or negative light.

What we choose to pay attention to can change our entire experience of something. Focusing on the present moment, and working on how we choose to see what’s going on is known as mindfulness.

Day to day

While it can’t immediately change circumstance, being mindful can help us to manage our everyday life. When things get tough it can help to give us perspective and can make things easier to deal with.


This awareness of ‘now’ is used by people all over the world to help them navigate life, and is a key aspect of helping us mind our mental health.

However you view the clocks turning back, maybe try and give some of that extra hour to looking after you this winter.

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