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Grief over the death of Niall Donoghue

Niall Donoghue and Colin Fennelly. Photo by Dara Mac Donaill. The Irish TimesMany people will be affected at the upsetting news of Galway hurler Niall Donoghue, who died suddenly last night. He was due to turn 23 tomorrow.


The death of someone so young can come as a shock to the whole community, and often will extend beyond that to other parts of society.


Everyone’s sympathies are of course with his family, friends and the GAA community. When anyone dies it’s upsetting, but especially when they were just embarking on life.

Allowed to grieve

When someone close to us dies, it’s normal to have feelings of shock, anger and sadness This is all part of the grieving process.

Even a stranger

While it might seem a little confusing, it can be normal to experience loss and grief even if you didn’t know someone. This can particularly be the case when someone’s death comes out of the blue.

Dealing with death

It’s important to allow yourself to experience any feelings you’re having, don’t try to suppress them. Eventually however, you’ll have to work through your grief.

Supporting a friend

If you’re not personally affected, you might know someone who is. If so, it’s good for you to know that what they’re going through is OK. Maybe helping your friend after someone has died would be a nice thing to do? It’s often not easy, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

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