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Some self-belief might have helped Ireland get to Brazil

World Cup 2014 logoWere you surprised that Ireland missed out on heading to the World Cup next year? If you answered ‘no’ – why? Could we serve the team better by having more belief in them?


An article on the power of belief in oneself, or others, looks at the difference Roy Keane made to the chances of the Irish team, not necessarily because of his ability – but because of his attitude.

Little more than ten years ago Keane disagreed that the 2-2 draw with Holland was a good thing. While others celebrated, he thought we could do better. He didn’t believe we should settle for such results, never-mind celebrate them.

He famously took Ireland to unexpected successes. Indeed it’s been said that “it looked as if Keane was almost single-handedly dragging Ireland to the World Cup”.

So what’s been different during the Trapattoni era, and even Noel King for the last two matches?

Team belief

Maybe the belief the manager has in a team is as important a factor as talent and practice. If Trapattoni had a different attitude towards the Irish and what we deserve, maybe we’d be in a stronger position now.

This idea is true for everyone. Self-belief, or self-esteem is necessary to keep us motivated. While we might not all have the strongest self-esteem, it is something that can always be improved.

Watch what you say

We all talk to ourselves, and the kind of self-talk we engage in can either break-down or build up our self-esteem. Some examples of helpful thoughts and self-talk are:

  • Focusing on good things about yourself rather than bad
  • Not comparing yourself to others
  • Paying attention to the positive things in your life.

Set goals in order to score them

While we can’t predict what’s going to happen in the future, we can plan and set goals to help keep us motivated, and to stay on track.

Make an overall plan and within that set mini-goals to make your aim more achievable. Of course there will always be obstacles, and setting a structure cannot guarantee an outcome – but it can make it a lot more likely.

Too soon to tell

Whoever takes over as manager for the Irish team may have an uphill battle – but maybe the battle ought to be with everyone’s attitude? The team’s yes, but also the supporters and the Irish as a nation.




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