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5 ways to live more mindfully

Breathe written in chalkMindfulness is being aware or paying attention. It’s learning how to live more in the moment, without judging yourself when thoughts do slip into the past or the future. It’s a great way to de-stress and relax.

Mindfulness is the new black

It seems like everyone’s talking about being mindful, and it can appear easier said than done.┬áBut it can be quite simple to adjust our habitual negative thinking and learn to focus on more helpful thoughts.

Here are a few ways to help bring mindfulness into your life:

Set a reminder on your phone

Programme your phone to gently prompt you to bring your attention to the present. After a while you might find yourself regularly checking-in without the aid of the mobile.


There are loads of guided mini-meditations, which help to focus on the breath, or soothing sounds. has some simple relaxations, or you could Google it and see what you find. Maybe experiment with a few until you find some that you like.

Take a class

Try out t’ai-chi, yoga, pilates or a specific guided meditation session. If done properly, these activities can help us become more in tune with ourselves, physically and emotionally. This can help us deal with tough times, and can improve our day-to-day life.

Enjoy your food

It sounds too simple to be true. But paying attention to your food, what’s on the plate, each mouthful and every taste will help you become more mindful in other areas of your life. You might find you get more pleasure from eating too.

Treat yourself

Take yourself out for a coffee, go for a walk amongst those autumn leaves, or whatever you feel like. But do something enjoyable, do it alone and try to actually experience it. Turn off the mobile and really enjoy the coffee or the crisp clean air.

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