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Take a little ‘me’ time

Sofas and bookshelvesWhat’s going on in your life today? Probably a hundred and one things. Work, study, family etc. If you’re like me this is probably only the tip of the iceberg.

Coffee time

We all need time to ourselves, to zone out, decompress and get back to basics. In a push for mental health week, running until this Sunday, 13 October, Mental Health Ireland are promoting a ‘Mental health Time = coffee time‘ campaign all this week.

Or tea, or juice time

To make us all a bit more proactive this mental health week, the campaign aims to get people to take themselves out for a coffee and have some ‘me time’.

Of course you don’t have to drink coffee! The essence of the campaign is to regularly take some time out for yourself. It doesn’t need to be much – just an hour or two every so often.


Put the phone on silent – that text can be answered later, it’s not going anywhere. Don’t spend this time studying or trying to figure out what to do about so-and-so. That can all wait.

Try to be mindful and present. If you’re sitting in a café with a cup of coffee, do just that. Enjoy sitting there and take pleasure in that coffee. It sounds easy, but it’s harder than you think.

Mind yourself

It may seem overly simplistic to be useful, but can do wonders for our frantic lives and over-active minds. Little tools like this are very important in minding our mental health.

Learning to relax is essential, and it’s useful for all the other stuff in our life. Being able to switch off will actually make it easier to manage all the other things going on.




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