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Bridging the digital disconnect

The Bridging the Digital Disconnect Report was launched at our Technology for Wellbeing Conference.

Digital disconnect reportThis report presents the findings of the first part of a three-year research project.

For this project, researchers are working with parents, teachers, health professionals and youth workers to find out what their needs are to supporting young people’s mental health.

They are also exploring how the use of technology could support them in understanding and responding to youth mental health need.

Who’s behind it?

The research project is being carried out by the Health Promotion Research Centre at the National University of Ireland Galway and Ireland in collaboration with Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre in Australia.

The study

Bridging the Digital Disconnect reports on the key findings of an extensive needs assessment carried out with parents of young people.

This assessment looked at parents’ views regarding the use of technology, their current use of technology and what they need to help them support their children’s mental health.

355 parents participated via postal questionnaire and 32 (of the 355) parents who participated in focus groups.

Key findings

The research found that 70% of parents were likely or very likely to look for help on the internet if their child was going through a tough time.

Receiving mental health information from a website was the second most frequently requested information source after a leaflet.

Download Bridging the Digital Disconnect .pdf (840 KB) for the full report.

Helpful links

  • Visit, a reliable resource for parents concerned about youth mental health

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