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Winter is coming

Close up of grey bark The extended summer we’ve had could nearly be compared to that of Westeros in Game of Thrones. Who’s not in shock now with the greyness? If winter is heading down to King’s Landing, it’s definitely headed here.

OK, it may not be very cold yet, but it’s getting there. I don’t know about you, but I actually can’t wait for winter to come. The sooner it’s here, the sooner it’s over, and the battle for the iron throne can continue on.

There are things we can do to help keep us smiling over the winter months though.


When it’s cold and overcast no one feels like going outside for a take-away, much less a jog. But it’s important to exercise as this increases your happiness with those happy hormones – endorphins.

Half the battle is just getting out there. No-one’s saying you have to be as fit as the Dothraki. But put on the runners, unlock the bike or pack the swimming trunks and don’t over-think it. You’ll be glad you did.

Watch what you eat

We all have a tendency to comfort eat, and want heavier things as the winter draws in. But it’s important to make sure we’re still eating nutritious food.

Nowadays there are loads of healthy recipes and alternatives to our old favourites available. Supermarkets and discount shops like Lidl and Aldi stock varieties of fruit, vegetables, fish and lean meat – so it needn’t be expensive.

Don’t be a stranger

Make sure to still do things with your friends. Call them up, hang out and try to do it regularly. Isolation can be a real problem, which is often worse at this time of year.

Unlike the seven kingdoms, we don’t have to rely on ravens to exchange messages. Maybe you feel fine. But maybe that person you haven’t texted in three weeks doesn’t. It’s always wise to take the first step and contact someone you’ve not seen in ages.

Be aware

Learn to mind yourself – you don’t need armies of spies like the Lannisters have. Paying attention to when you’re not feeling great, or what’s not been helpful in looking after yourself is useful in managing your mental health.

While all these things are good to do, if you’re feeling out of sorts it’s good to talk so someone. Friends and family are a place to start. Face-to-face help or online and telephone help is also available should you need it.


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