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Conference outlines positives for technology

Last week we held a Technology for Well-Being conference in Dublin. This was a mix of panel discussions, plenary talks and workshop style sessions. Most (not all) of the attendees working in the area of mental health in Ireland.

panel discussion It was fantastic to see and hear that a number of Irish organisations use technology to reach both the general public and those in need, with a diverse offering of mental health services.

Different approaches

There was loads of enthusiasm for different approaches to mental health information and services, in full acknowledgement that there are many people who will never access traditional services, no matter what their need is.

These days we’re regularly presented images of people with their head in their hands alongside stories of depression and anxiety. It was therefore very encouraging to feel the positive energy about the reach and use of technology in the area of mental health.

Positive case studies 

Negative press about cyberbullying, trolling and lack of privacy online was counterbalanced by strong evidence of successful online spaces allowing users to anonymously and safely access support and information. 
It was understood by all there that the internet provides a sense of community to people who otherwise can feel isolated, and benefit from the sharing of personal stories.

Future projects 

Here’s to making sure the appetite for collaboration produces some more effective technology projects, that will go a long way to helping improve the well-being of people in Ireland.
 See you all at #T4WB14?

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