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Make the most of culture night

culture night logoWe’re all aware of the change in season. Maybe, like me, you’re mourning the loss of the summer, but also enjoying coats and scarves again!

One of the hardest things about this time of year is trying to figure out what to do when (or maybe if!) we have free time. This Friday, 20 September is culture night and it’s a great opportunity to help us realise there’s more to do in winter than we think.

Nights drawing in

The dark evenings and colder weather encourage staying indoors and doing things at home. Who doesn’t like a cosy afternoon inside, watching a movie and avoiding draughts? But if we’re not careful it can lead to isolation and loneliness.

There can be a fine line between quality time alone, and spending too much time alone. What’s important is balance. Heading out into the cold evening might not seem attractive, but if you do it once, you realise how easy it is.

Watching the pennies?

This time of year can be expensive for everyone: new clothes and things for school, text books, moving away to college, budget looming etc. It all mounts up. There doesn’t seem to be much left over for socialising these days.

But if there’s one thing we can learn from culture night, it’s that socialising needn’t always be about eating and drinking, shopping or the cinema. There’s loads to do at very little, or no cost. All it really requires is maybe a bit of planning and research.

Try something new

Culture night only comes around once a year, but it shows the variety of things to do. Very few of us make the most of where we live, and often there’s loads of interesting things around that we’re not even aware of.

It encourages us to to get out of our routines, and to shake up what we do with our friends. Trying out new things often strengthens friendships and broadens our horizons a little.

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