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It may have been a draw, but we’re all winners

hurl and sliotarThe cynics out there agree the GAA are the real winners of yesterday’s epic match in Croke Park. But, let’s be honest, we’re all winners.

Where would you get it? That pace, the ebb and flow, a flurry of Clare points followed by that rare and precious event when Cork find the back of the net (three times!).

Enthralling events

The drama, skill, physical ability and strength of character displayed yesterday should be a source of pride to the Irish. I’m not even a GAA fan (I was brought up a soccer-loving west Brit), but I couldn’t help being enthralled by the events at Croke Park.

Despite my enthusiasm for soccer, and even though I didn’t play it as a child – I know that hurling is a special game. For this reason I bought my son a hurlóg last year.

Exciting game

Last Friday I allowed him to stay up and watch the Ireland V Sweden game on TV: no interest. For the hurling yesterday he was jumping around the living room at the non-stop action unfolding in front of us: responding to my excitement I guess.

There are loads of positive messages to take from yesterday’s all-Ireland final – “never give up” being one. I can’t escape the feeling of pride in what is a national treasure, the great game of hurling.

Remember, it’s such an achievement to get to the all-Ireland anyway. Now Cork and Clare get to do it twice, so let’s keep up that support.

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