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Gia Allemand’s death is hard to understand

Gia Allemand parade.comThe name Gia Allemand is in the media at the moment. If you don’t know her, you soon will. She is best known for her part in the US reality show, ‘The Bachelor’, and she died this week from suicide.

Her story

Whether or not she was known to you, Allemand’s story is not hard to connect with. A young woman who was said to be kind and compassionate. She loved working with rescued pets. She’d been a model before appearing on the ‘The Bachelor’. Despite losing the show she found love with her long-term boyfriend, Ryan Anderson.

Days before her death Allemand posted pictures on Instagram from a party she’d been enjoying. Now the question on everybody’s lips is, “What happened?”

Hard to understand

It’s always a shock when someone dies suddenly. But the story of a person – old or young, male or female – taking their own life is difficult to comprehend.

I don’t know what was happening in Allemand’s life before she died, and I wouldn’t demean her problems by speculating about them. However I do feel a sadness for this young woman, who was a stranger to me before her death.


I cannot convey the terrible sadness that her death will bring international media attention to her name for a number of days. I can’t tell her there’s nothing wrong with talking about your problems, with keeping an eye on your mental health and seeking support or professional help. However I can tell you, and we can tell each other.

Get the facts on mental health and how to look after it. Talk about it. We all need to talk about it. It’s only through talking and sharing that we can break the stigma and prevent future loss of life.


Life is wonderful, but it can be difficult and complicated. None of us are infallible and there are times when we all need help. Help is available, you just have to reach out for it.

There’s an Emily Dickinson quote I try to live by: “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain”. Whether it’s your own heart or someone else’s, protect it. Mend it. And never think it cannot be fixed.

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