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Breaking Bad returns – high expectations anyone?

braking badBreaking Bad is back. The first episode is burning a hole on Netflix right now. Every second person is shivering with anticipation for its climax. But what if it doesn’t match up to expectations?

Even if you’re not hooked, the excitement over the return has been hard to miss. This build up of energy for anything, from holidays to exam results, can end in deflation or even disappointment.

As the Leaving Cert results are due, we’ve put together a few tips on managing expectations.

  • Create a plan B – and C, and D. Having alternative plans can reduce stress or panic if we don’t get the outcome we’d hoped. Set goals for things you can do for these plans to make them happen if necessary.

  • Stop comparing – focus on your achievements, desires and qualities. Everyone’s different and comparing ourselves to others usually isn’t helpful. Try a bit of positive self-talk instead.

  • Watch those expectations – well meaning people often add to our pressure over things like exams. Try to keep a sense of where the pressure is coming from. Is it a good idea to take it on board?

  • Keep perspective – what’s done is done. Don’t dwell on the past or stress about what could happen. Be mindful of the present. Focus on what’s happening now.

  • Challenge your expectation – ask yourself if you’d advise your friends to put themselves through the same pressure you’re applying to your own life.

  • Remember there’s more than one path – there’s always another way to do something. If one plan doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean your goal isn’t achievable. This is important to remember throughout life, but is often more relevant at times like leaving school. What you learn or who you meet on another route might change your life in unimaginable ways.

  • Talk to someone – if upcoming exam results (or anything else) is causing you anxiety or stress it’s always a good idea to speak to someone. Friends and family might be able to help, but if you’d rather talk to someone else online and telephone, or else face-to-face help is available.

As for the return of Breaking Bad – don’t be ridiculous, all our expectations will be fulfilled.

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