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5 ways to beat the post-festival blues

There were loads of festivals on around the country including Indiependence, Oxegen and Castle Palooza last weekend. Phew, some of us are in a bit of a heap this week.

We’ve put together five points to help beat the blues that can come afterwards and they’ll help prepare you for a weekend of endurance too.

welliesFruit and veg

Replenishing your body with vitamins after a full-on weekend doesn’t have to be a drag. Eat something that’s tasty but also nutritious, you could buy or make a smoothie for example. Don’t beat yourself up over the weekend’s indulgences, and don’t make healthy eating a penance.

Watch a film

Relax, stick on a DVD or retreat to your room with a good book or magazine. It’s great to be busy, socialise and party, but it’s also great to have some down-time. The contrast can be what makes both extremes fun.

Hang-out with your mates

By all means enjoy your time alone. But, tea and chats with friends and family can go a long way to repairing the longing to be back at the festival. Having a laugh about the weekend’s experiences and reminiscing about past times is good for getting over the blues.

Put a wash on

Look forward and set goals for the week ahead. Don’t try to do too much, but don’t ignore everything either. Stick a wash on before collapsing on the couch. Make a mental note to reply to that email tomorrow, and do it! Taking five minutes to do a quick job or plan it will take the stress out of returning to normal life.


Try not to nap, and go to bed early if you need. A weekend in a tent is a sure way to leave you sleep deprived, so catch up some good quality sleep.

Most of all, have a blast this weekend, whatever you’re at.

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