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Cory Monteith: Death of an Idol

Sometimes, we know when we’re going to be confronted with death. Sometimes we don’t. It’s the ones we didn’t see coming that create the greatest shock and grief. If the deceased involved is famous, there can be lot of media attention too, that’s hard to avoid.

Cory Monteith Reuters photoCory Monteith had spoken openly about his difficulties with substance abuse and had made several trips to rehab since he was a teenager. But it doesn’t make his death any less shocking and painful for his friends, family, girlfriend and fans.

Grieving process

When an idol dies, you might experience a strange grieving process. You might in be shock that this has actually happened, or feeling anger or sadness. These emotions are normal. It doesn’t matter that you never met this person. They mattered to you.

It’s OK to admit they mattered and that you’re sad. The constant attention can be overwhelming and it that’s the case, avoid it as best as you can. Reading every report available on his death is not going to bring him back and more than likely, it’s not going to make you feel any better.

Private battles

The idea of someone so young and talented have his life end in such a manner is difficult. But it can be a reminder, that at the centre of every famous person is just a person; with dreams and fears, worries and stresses. Just because on the outside, they seem as if they have everything, all of us have battles we face in private. 

It is deeply saddening for Cory Monteith, his battle with drugs and alcohol took the life of a young man who still had so much left to give. Grieve for the man that is gone. Allow yourself to be sad at the passing of someone who meant something to you, in one way or another. Talk to your friends and family about it. Don’t hide what’s going on in your head. I believe it’s the last thing Cory Monteith would want those grieving for him right now to do.

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