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Temperature versus temper

sunsetIf we believe media sources, the fantastic weather we’ve had is set to stay a bit longer. This is great news, but it may also get some people a little hot under the collar.

Weather temperature

The more sun we have, the less we enjoy it apparently. Psychology professor Lance Workman was quoted in a Guardian article saying people not used to long hot summers actually prefer fewer sunny days in a row.

After seven or more days of heat without air conditioning and siestas, he says, people sleep badly and start to complain.

The heat

Longer stretches of heat can have an adverse effect on our tempers. Without a good night’s sleep I know I’m usually grumpy in the morning.

Tempers might be a little closer to the surface than usual and rows could be more common-place. Anger is a normal emotion that we all experience at times for many different reasons. While it’s OK to be angry, how we deal with it and show it might not be.

Anger management

Learning how to handle our temper is important. The starting point to managing anger is knowing it’s a completely normal feeling. Learning not to bottle it up, and not to allow it to cause harm to others or ourselves is an important skill.

Violence can be one of the consequences of not managing your anger. It comes in many different forms, not just physical. But if you or anyone else is getting violent it’s important to learn how to stop it and communicate in other ways. Face-to-face help is also available to help develop anger management.

Releasing the valve

Keeping a lid on your temper is never a good idea. Releasing built up agitation a little at a time is far healthier for everyone. If you do get to boiling point, a few simple tricks can help things cool down.

  • Count to 10 or even 100 
  • Leave the room for a bit
  • Breathe
  • Take time out to listen to music or play a video game


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