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7 ways to stay happy if you’re broke this summer

Even if you have a job or not, things are a bit tight for most people right now.

But, that shouldn’t mean your summer isn’t any fun. So we’ve come up with a few ways to enjoy it without spending a fortune.

Free festivals

dandalionNot all events cost a fortune, and some are free. All you really need is transport, and maybe a few quid for lunch. There’s also nothing stopping you bringing food along. can be a good place to start if you’re looking for things to do around the country.

Play with your food

We all have to eat, so why not take the chance to experiment with some new recipes? Most of us know that good nutrition helps us physically and mentally, so maybe it’s time to try healthier food.

There’s loads of fresh food available over the summer, and if you’re on a budget just shop around a bit. Try googling a celebrity chef you like to give you some recipe ideas.


OK, so this weather might not be guaranteed, but it has been amazing.

Take advantage of any good weather and step outside. It’s a great way to pass time – and it’s free.

Sitting on the grass with friends or reading in the garden can be great when the sun is shining. Plus it’s no harm to relax and take in some vitamin D.

Walk the night away

Even though it’s easier to go out when it’s sunny we should try and get out no-matter the weather. With the long summer evenings we’ve no excuse to stay in.

Take a stroll around the block. It’s good exercise, and if you get a taste for it you could explore more. People travel from as far away as Tokyo to hike here, and they’ve probably seen more than I have! have tips and routes.


Giving up a few hours a week to help a cause that interests you might open up a new world.

Meeting new people, getting out of the house and giving back to the community can do amazing things for your self-esteem. You never know what you might learn, or begin to enjoy, and at the very least it might keep boredom at bay.

Take up a hobby you’ve been putting off

Learning a new skill from YouTube or dusting off the French CDs will pass some time and might give you a sense of achievement if you make any progress.

Visit the local charity shop and see what you find: maybe a book that takes your interest, or an old pair of knitting needles. You might not start a fashion label, but you might be able to knit your mum a scarf in time for autumn.

Random pass-times

If you’re watching your pennies, chances are your friends are too.
Maybe check out what old games or equipment is lurking in the attic. What you find may be decrepit, but you might have fun with it or as you’re rummaging.

Pot-luck dinners, where everyone brings a course can be great. Regular movie nights with the same idea can also help wile away rainy nights.

Thinking of ideas is half the battle, and if you’re stuck try googling. Some suggestions online seem crazy, but some might revolutionise your summer.


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