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Monsters University: transtitions and parties

Monsters University is released in Irish cinemas tomorrow. The much anticipated prequal to Monsters Inc takes us to Mike and Sully’s college days.

Monsters University promotional posterFrom the string of trailers and reviews, looks like a tale of parties, rivaly, friendship, and more parties. A story of transition similar to something we all go through in some form or other.

School’s out

Many of us have just finished school and are waiting to see what the end of summer brings. It’s an exciting time. Finally, exams are over and the day most of us have waited for all has arrived.

Expectations are high

Once the initial wave of joy has passed though, there can be challenges and anxiety. Fear of the unknown is something we all experience, it’s human nature. Whatever’s in store for school leavers, we know one thing’s for certain: change.


Moving on to a new new chapter in our life doens’t mean that everything has to change. Friendships for example, will probably evolve – but it doesn’t mean they have to end.

Managing friendships is something we all have to do. It can require dealing with disagreements, or maybe just spending a little more time with your mate. Whatever’s happening, effective communication can make a big difference to how we get on with other people.

New friends

Monsters University is set before Mike and Sully became friends. All friendships have to start somewhere and no-matter what happens now that school is over, meeting new people is something to look forward to.

Unlike waiting for exam results, college places or job-hunting, making new friends is something we can do anytime, and what better time than summer?

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