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Abercrombie CEO gives dangerous message

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

Take a look in the mirror. What do you see? I know I’m not always happy with the person who stares back at me. I know for a fact I’m not the only person in the country that feels this way.

coloured clothing size tags courtesy of sooperkuh on FlickrI’m not a thin person. I wear a size 12-14 in clothes and I’ve always had curves. I have a large chest and I feel it makes me look heavier than I actually am. I was always the curviest of my friends in school and college, and I’ve always been the one that has struggled with my body image.

Negative comments

When I was in school my best friend turned to me and said “curvy is just another word for fat.” It is the one comment that has stuck with me, even ten years after it was said.

I’ve been thinking about it even more recently, with the Abercrombie & Fitch coverage recently. In case you haven’t heard, the CEO has said he only wants to sell their clothes to cool, thin people. Ellen Degeneres retaliated.

Latest trends

It makes me angry to think that people are so obnoxious. Do these people not understand how damaging comments like these can be? Luckily, Ellen Degeneres retaliated.

Some of us already feel like we’re not good looking enough to pull off the latest trends, that our bodies aren’t slim enough to be considered attractive. Living with these views of our own bodies is bad enough without clothing companies affirming our negative beliefs. This needs to stop.

Not all the same 

Clothing companies and media, need to take responsibility for the messages they put out. Mannequins in shops shouldn’t resemble stick-creatures. Most importantly, we need to learn not to take as much notice! We need to realise that every single person on this planet was not created to look the same.

Learn to love the skin you’re in and pay no attention to those over-priced hoodies.

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