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Men’s Health Week 2013

men's health week irelandThis week is International Men’s Health Week, landing at the same time as the release of Man of Steel, the new superman film.

Action men

“Action Men: Turning Words into Action” could be a slogan for the superman movie, but is actually Ireland’s theme for men’s health week.

This couldn’t be more appropriate. Who doesn’t have a father, uncle or brother that doesn’t pay attention to aches and pains and refuses to ‘take action’ and get them checked out?

For that matter, who amongst us can say we don’t need more exercise, less junk-food and to keep an eye on the multiplying alcohol units each weekend? Thinking and saying we know how to lead healthier lives isn’t the same as leading them. This is as true for our mental well-being as it is for physical health.

What would Clark Kent do?

No matter what the weather it’s time to change those bad habits. Eat a few more vegetables and spend a bit more time outside. Hopefully we’ll get more of that unseasonal sunshine, but if we don’t, we should ask ourselves whether a little rain would stop Clark Kent?

Learning to ‘take action’ with your mental health by doing your best to look after it, is important. But, it’s also important to know how to get through a stressful period, or even what to do when you’re just feeling a bit crap.


Sometimes when going through a tough time, talking can be the action that’s needed. How we talk to someone can make a huge difference in dealing with problems. But opening up can be hard. Brush up on some effective communication tips.

Improving communications with ourselves is also a necessary part of any mission, or just the ups and downs of life. A bit of positive self-talk, giving negative comparisons a rest and not reducing everything to black and white can make everyday living easier.

We’re not all men of steel

It’s important to remember that while we might not all be superheroes, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the power to change our own destiny and put those words into action.

Men’s health week runs until Sunday, 16 June with events around the country.

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